Love Lula is a hand lettering craft page i have set up, i create cards, posters, and do bespoke
hand lettered items for occasions eg. Weddings, birthdays. Its a hobby of mine, but i would love it to be a career one day.
Love Lula Etsy
Instagram: love_lula_offical

LEA Automotive is a facebook page i started to share my automotive photography, others' photos, news and links within the car scene, it is a personal interest and something i do in my spare time.
Link to Page

DCD Fund Raiser: In order to raise money for our University 3rd year exhibition i did a 10K Run, prior to this i started a facebook page and put up posters to raise awareness and to get more sponsors. Social media is an important part of marketing and branding so using this as a tool helped to get more money for the show.
Link to Page

DCD Publication: For our final year exhibition we were to create a publication showcasing all the end of year projects within the exhibition, I was involved with design and concept, helping come to a conclusion on colours, fonts, layout and theme, it was a group effort and was great to be a part of.
Follow this link to view the publication.

The Graffiti Movement was a first year University project which was based on the idea of interactivity and play, graffiti movement was a concept based around making an interactive graffiti can that allowed graffiti, usually frowned upon and seen as a rebellious act, to become a fun thing for anyone at home to play with. It was my first time using an Arduino and Processing, so the concept is basic but showcases my idea in a simple form and taught me a lot about processing and sensors.
Link to video

Graffaith is a publication containing quotes, verses, photos and graphics, combining faith and graffiti to produce an influential book for young people. This was my first publication, and was created during my College course studying graphic design.
Follow this link to view the publication. DCD4.jpg