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Bethink : Louise Ashley

Bethink is my third year final major project outcome, it looks into how memories are stored, recalled and used, giving us the ability to look back, act in the present, and imagine a future. It works off of theories by Henri Bergson (The Memory Cone) and how memory affects our experiences and perception of images.

The first of two outcomes is a collection of interactive posters, which convey a message about how memories are stored and lay dormant in our minds, but at any given moment can be recalled and brought forth into the present, these memories then fade back until they are next recalled. They are screen printed with 'Thermochromic ink', which changes colour at certain temperatures, within this project the ink is black at room temperature and when touched by body heat the ink changes from black to transparent revealing the images underneath (digital prints.)

The second outcome is a small publication that gives an insight into different perspectives on memory, from scientific facts and philosophy to poetry, this variety of information is supported with photography and visual elements throughout.

Please click here to view the full Bethink Publication

Please follow this link to the project folio sheets, which run through research, process and evaluation.

Bethink Video - Click to Play
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink (8).jpg
Interactive Posters
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink (15).jpg
Exhibition Set-up
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink (6).jpg
People's Memories Revealed
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repetition (6).jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repetition (4).jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink process 1.jpg
Screen Printing Process
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink process.jpg
Screen Printing Process
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book 4.jpg
**Bethink Publication
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book 3.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book 5.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book 1.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book 2.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_Bethink book.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repetition (1).jpg
*Experiments on the Repetition of Recollection
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repitition (5).jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repetition 8.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repetition 10.jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repitition (4).jpg
http://louiseashley.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-6_repitition (1).jpg